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Concept Designs

Stranger than Fiction

"There is no single point origin for the inspiration of my work. Ideas are taken from the places I have visited, images of landscapes reported on by the media and maybe somewhat more tellingly, concepts depicted in fiction; films, novels and even influences from other artists’ paintings all contribute to my work.


All these influences percolate over periods of time. Each vies for prominence but ultimately they coalesce into a unifying form. In a way, I suppose my methods can be described as evolutionary.


When I am drawing I am never certain what form the finished outcome will take. My pencil tracks contours of imaginary formations and by way of exploration I map out these worlds. Which in turn become populated by mutations of the environment. I like to think of this world and it’s populace as "post-geological".


​My work will continue to develop in tandem with the world itself. Changes to our landscape and our relationship with it is continuous and my work is a projection of this on going process." - Christian Goddard  

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