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Christian Goddard is a UK contemporary painter who pushes the conversation around ecology, the environment and existence through the prism of Surrealism. Depicting entities both at once foreign and alien his works materializes in a place of imagination begging for consideration but ultimately denying full comprehension.


​Goddard’s beings appear as aberrations of familiar landscapes, geological formations that are mutated anew in twisted abnormalities. Embedded with remnants of human features they at times invite the viewer to recognize a humanity within them and connect with nature through a shared empathy.


​The creatures which inhabit the world of Stranger than Fiction act as timely apparitions, prophetic and cautionary to mankind’s intervention with the world we are so greatly dependent on. As sea levels rise, countries alight in flames and glaciers recede from the space they once laid claim, Goddard’s paintings will continue to chart an inevitable transformation which is already so advanced it just may be too late to restrain.  

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